Job title: Derived Model Toolset Sustainer & Developer Technologist/ Facilities Engineer I
Job type: Contract
Emp type: Full-time
Pay interval: Daily
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Job published: 16-11-2022
Job ID: 49419
Contact name: Suhana Ali

Job Description

Derived Model Toolset Sustainer & Developer Technologist/ Facilities Engineer I


Main Functions:

  • The sustainer role consists largely of maintaining and improving existing tools used for the derived model build process, as well as imagining new tools to be used. The derived model build requires running multiple SOL (fine-grained process models) over a series of different inputs, running regression on the harvested data, and visualizing the results


Tasks And Responsibilities:

    • The majority of the work being done is written in Python, therefore a proficiency in the language should be expected. The bare minimum that must be done involves debugging Python code and making slight adjustments for the derived modelers using the toolset.
    • SOL COM objects interaction with Python is pervasive. Thus, it is important to be comfortable in working with COM objects.
    • Improvements to the tool that will decrease the mistakes that come up during the use of  the tools as well as conceptualizes improvements that will make the user experience better/faster/more intuitive etc.
    • As the work process becomes more intertwined with SQL, some background will help getting started but ideally not much work will need to be done maintaining the database.
    • Some understanding of JMP will be useful, as it will be useful if issues arise with those scripts. If plans are made to extend the use of JMP this skill will be of higher importance.
    • A basic understanding of chemical engineering terms will be helpful to fully understand the derived model process and what can potentially improve the toolset.
    • Another relevant topic is statistical modeling, such as linear regression and surrogate model building as this is a key technical concept in derived modeling.
    • A tangential topic that will be of use is linear programming as it applies to the final product of the derived model projects


Requirement & Skills Needed:

  • Python – Intermediate/Advanced
  • Debugging – Intermediate · Interacting with COM object/API - Intermediate
  • Design Communication (can discuss and iterate design ideas) – Intermediate
  • Git/TFS Code Management – Beginner
  • SQL – Beginner
  • JMP/JSL – Beginner/Intermediate



  • Chemical Engineering – Bachelor/Degree/Equivalent
    • General SOL Understanding – Beginner
    • Production Planning Economics – Beginner
    • Refining & Unit Operations – Beginner
  • Statistical modeling – Beginner/Intermediate
  • Innovative – able to troubleshoot independently and be in charge of making improvements
  • Communication – able to understand and articulate code changes back to the team clearly
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